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New Summer Classes starting on
8th June 2024
at Clissold Park on Saturday morning.

Call 07578666875

Six-week puppy and adolescent course starting on June 8th at Clissold Park, running every Saturday morning until July 13th.

Fully Qualified and Certified Trainers

London Puppy Classes trainers are fully qualified, registered and certified by the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers – Membership #01515 and the ABTC (Animal & Behaviour Training Council).

The techniques we use are the most efficient and science based, proven to achieve the best results throughout the use of positive reinforcement.

Our classes will provide you with a quick, easy and effective training method to have the perfect well-behaved dog that is a joy to live with.

Class Content

Some of the behaviours covered in the blocks of classes

  • Come when called (Recall)
  • Not Pulling On The Lead (Loose Lead Walking)
  • Not Jumping On People (M.E.B.)
  • Emergency Stop (Halt from distance)
  • Eye Contact (Keep the dog’s eyes on its human, not on the chicken bone! More efficient and less confrontational than traditional “Leave It“)
  • Hand Touches (Targeting the hand for several useful situations and behaviours)
  • This Way (Pup follows a moving human that changes of direction, target recall)
  • Sit, Down and Stand with Duration, Distance & Distraction (aka “Stay“)
  • Peek’a’boo (aka To The Middle)
  • Settle (relax on a mat for a long period)
  • Husbandry (accept handling, including vet, groomers and strangers)
  • Mental Enrichment (Scent based games to exercise the pups brain and nose and seeking instinct, dog being a dog!)

Recall Games

Slalom Recall Game

Loose Lead Walking

Walking Without Pulling

Emergency Stop


Hand Targeting

Hand Touches


Happy pups, happy humans.

Don't take our word for it, see what our students and pups are barking about.

Jose is such a great teacher, all the exercises are so well clearly explained and easy to do, he also takes great care to individually coach all of us and tailor the exercise to our level, we can't recommend his classes enough, our pup loves it and so do we.

Arun & Thimma

Good fun for both of us, Hattie's behaviour improved dramatically after joining the classes, Jose is so good with the dogs and the the atmosphere is great!

Phillip & Hattie

Really pleased with how the lessons are conducted, everything is so well laid out, and all is great fun, Max is a quick learner because he has a top trainer, thank you Jose.

Lucy & Max

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